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The Art Of Tantric Massage in Munichyoni - lingam

Our name is program for the art of tantric massage - in any meaning! We spoil you and honour your yoni or lingam. Especially we honour and respect you and your body. You are the centre part of our erotic and sensitive massage. We will show you how beautiful your body can vibe, like a musical instrument. Your body is a very powerful instrument to find yourself. During tantric massage you will come back in contact with yourself. You will feel every inch of your body. Our artistic, sensitive erotic touch will energize you and activate your life energy.

So - let it be! Relax! Stop holding! Let the live flow! Our sensible warm hands will spoil you like you never have been spoiled before. You have nothing to do – only to be here. Give your body trustfully to our masseurs and receive the most beautiful present at all, your own live energy. Let arise the kundalini energy in you. Form an alliance between your live energy, deep stillness and full satisfaction. All this you can get in our studios in deep spiritual and harmonic atmosphere.

Yolinga® Tantric Massage in Munich means a gentle and sensitive touch in combination with an exquisite full body contact.

Yolinga® Tantric Massage also means total passivity. You are our customer, and you will get the massage and the deep sensual touch. There is no stress for you! Nobody is waiting anything from you. You can stay like you are.

Yolinga® Tantra in Munich uses ritual and spiritual tantric elements. That means we are working with the sexual energy, the holy and powerful kind of energy.

Yolinga® Massagekunst will help you to be »Here and NOW«. You will be able to feel yourself in the present moment, the most important state of humanity.

We will be very glad to see you in one of our studios. You can talk about your wishes and we will make our best that you feel yourself very well, like at home.

If you wouldn’t like to leave your home or your hotel, we will be glad to come to you with our mobile service.

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