Yolinga® The Very Special Massage Event

What does Yolinga Massage mean?

Yolinga® Massagekunst is a highly developed kind of tantric massage. Yolinga® Massagekunst works with our most natural basic needs. If you have any questions, we would be glad to explain and discuss how this powerful energy work in every human being – and perhaps much more interestingly – how destructive this energy can be, if it becomes blocked.

One of the most important things in our Yolinga® Massage is to focus on these energy blockages and solve them during this sensual and artistic massage. Some very special rituals help us to go back to the source of your energy blockages, so that you can free this blocked energy and use it again for living your life to its full potential.

erotisches Gemälde eines halbnackten Mannes

What happens during Yolinga Massage?

Or rather, what doesn't happen during our Yolinga® massage: There is absolutely no activity from you. There is definitely no intercourse. The activity goes only in one direction, from the masseurs to you.

You are “Receiving”. You can enjoy it very much. These particular massage techniques will give you wonderful feelings of extasy.


Yolinga® Massagekunst
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