Tantra, Kundalini Bodywork

Create harmony and vitality in your life

Tantra is a tradition of lifestyle practices and beliefs with orgins in the religions of India, such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. 
There are many definitions of tantra from the perspectives of its various followers and scholars.'s about the free-flow of energy within and between... 

Our full body sensual massage offers you sublime benefits to your whole body, mind and spirit.

erotisches Gemälde eines halbnackten Mannes

The sacredness of being touched from the heart creates the space for transformation

This initial appointment therefore offers an opportunity for those who are interested, a chance to experience new heights of sensory awareness and to gain a greater sense of connection with another person in an atmosphere of acceptance and respect. All the senses are awakened, culminating in tantric massage.


Tantric massage is best performed in a quiet room with accompanying soft music. When you take the tantric massage, expects every part of your body to be touched with the private areas getting a lot of the attention.


Yes, we all bring something unique to an appointment because each person has their own spirit, soul and body which change very subtly, as we encounter new experiences of life.


Sensual touch awakens the body's innate healing powers for wellness and health. 
The dynamic feeling of Kundalini will portray greater freedom and excitement for you. Body consciousness is introduced through touch und tantric tools.

Everyone who is ready - Welcome!


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